Have You Considered Making an Adoption Plan?

Many myths and misunderstandings surround adoption. For instance, did you know the expectant woman selects the adoptive parents who raise her child? 

Adoption is not an easy decision to make, but in some cases, it could be the best choice for a woman and her child. Find out more about this option to see if placing your child for adoption is right for you.

What Is Adoption?

Adoption is a lifelong decision for everyone involved. It legally removes the rights and responsibilities of raising a child from the biological parents and gives them to the adoptive parents. It is not co-parenting. The courts recognize the child as if born to the adoptive couple.

Why Would I Place My Child For Adoption?

Women who choose adoption come from all walks of life and make this choice for many different reasons. Here are a few:

What is the Adoption Process?

If you want to look closer at adoption, your first step is to find the right adoption coordinator. It could be an adoption agency, lawyer, or other adoption specialists. 

Interview different organizations to find the one that serves you best. Ask about their adoption counseling. Do they offer it for you now, throughout the process, and beyond? Make sure they are prepared to explain the process to you thoroughly.

You should never feel coerced to place your child for adoption. They are not a reputable business if they ask you for money in return for their services. You should pay nothing to place your child.

After you’ve chosen your adoption coordinator, select your adoption plan. Here are the three to choose from:

How Can Hope of the Delta Help Me?

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